About QDiligence ®

QDiligence is the industry-leading managed questionnaire service for digitally distributing and analyzing Directors and Officers Questionnaires (D&O Questionnaires), Board Assessments, and other board-related questionnaires.

  • QDiligence System Begins

    Development of the QDiligence platform begins in mid-2007 after a Fortune 100 corporate law department asked RGM Consulting, Inc., an Advanced IBM Business Partner, to locate a suitable online vendor to host D&O Questionnaires for online completion. After every major online survey company turned down the project, RGM proposed a plan to develop and host a new questionnaire system that was easy to use, quick to perform annual updates and secure. Directors and officers began submitting their responses on December 4, 2007.

  • Platform Enhanced!

    In preparation for the next proxy, the platform is enhanced to include a brand new user interface, improved navigation, faster performance, new internals to further reduce time required for annual updates and new dynamic question functionality.

  • D&O Prep 75% Faster + Board Self-Assessments

    New Board Self Assessments functionality added. New PDF generation functionality eliminated web browser printing inconsistencies. New automatic response tabulation reports reduces response analysis cycle-time from days to minutes. D&O preparation process is now 75% faster since using the QDiligence platform.

  • QDiligence Platform Redeveloped

    QDiligence platform rebuilt using modern industry-standard technology from IBM. Flexibility, scalability, responsiveness and security are all enhanced.

  • QDiligence Launched

    Redesigned and rearchitected platform officially launches as QDiligence and is immediately put into service incorporating all of the lessons learned building and hosting D&O Questionnaires and Board Self-Assessments for years.

  • Fortune 500 Companies Adopt QDiligence

    More Fortune 500 public companies across the U.S. begin using QDiligence to make their D&O Questionnaires and Board Self-Assessments faster and more convenient for their directors and officers.

  • QDiligence Reaches 10,000 Submissions

    By the end of 2015, QDiligence processes the 10,000th D&O Questionnaires / Board Assessment / Compliance Questionnaire submission.