QDiligence Starts With Your Questions

QDiligence Starts With Your Questions

Step 1: Give us the assessment questions you are currently using. Board. Audit Committee. Governance Committee. Finance Committee. Peer Evaluations. All of them. We’ll migrate all of them into the QDiligence platform. While our team performs the conversion and configuration for you, you’ll have time to work at your day job!

You Review, We Update

You Review, We Update

Step 2: Once your digital Board Assessments or Evaluations have been created, we’ll provide your Administrators with access so they can review the online versions. If anything needs to be changed, you just let us know and we make the updates for you. We’ll keep updating your assessments or evaluations until you’re satisfied. The scale needs to be 1 -6 and not 1-5? Changed. General Counsel wants two questions changed and three more added? We got that for you!

During this process we’ll also provide Administrator training, we’ll set up your user accounts, and we’ll customize various elements of the digital experience for your company.

Notify Directors

Notify Directors

Step 3: When your Board Assessments or Evaluations are just the way you want them all you need to do is assign the right assessments to the right Directors people and notify them. Notification is easy! Just send an email or secure message to your respondents asking them to complete their questionnaires. They click a link and start responding.

Reports And Anonymous Responses

Reports And Anonymous Responses

QDiligence notifies administrators when Directors respondents log in and when any assessment has been completed so they can monitor progress. Administrators or other delegated individuals can instantly download tabulation reports for any Board Assessment or Evaluation. No waiting. Tabulations include all questions, all answers including open-ended comments, and a variety of metrics. Reports also include automatically generated pie charts, bar charts and column charts that can be quickly inserted into your tabulation report as needed.

If desired, responses can be anonymous. QDiligence can restrict access to Board Assessment or Evaluation responses to appropriate administrators, committee chairs, or even outside counsel.

When you need to distribute an Off-Cycle Questionnaire, Code of Conduct Certification, Quarterly or Semi-Annual D&O, or your next annual D&O Questionnaire, you just call us. We’ll clone and update your last questionnaire and update it or create a new one for you and you’re off!


QDiligence Board Assessment and Evaluation Features

No Passwords To Remember

Directors access assessments with just one click using a link sent via email or other secure message.

Instant Tabulation Reports

Administrators can tabulate responses instantly with just a single click!

Anonymous Responses / Delegated Access

Responses can be anonymous and access to responses can be restricted to appropriate administrators, committee chairs, or outside counsel.

Board, Committee, Peer-to-Peer Evaluations

Board, Committee, and Peer evaluations in customized configurations including ability for free-form responses.

Instant Distribution

All access is “live” and current so last minute changes are immediately visible to respondents.

Auto Save

Security automatically saves responses and logs the user out after a period of user inactivity.

Document Downloads

Need a link to your Code of Conduct, Attendance Records, or Committee Charters? QDiligence does that.

Printable PDF

Printable PDF of assessments are available on demand.


If desired, any response can be pre-populated for any individual or group.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is QDiligence easy to use?

Yes. QDiligence has a very easy-to-use design that requires no training at all for Directors and Officers. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff provides the minimal training needed for company administrators.

Does QDiligence work with iPads and other tablets?

Yes. QDiligence supports iPads, other tablets, PCs and Macs.

Is there anything to install?

No. No apps. No plug-ins. No problems. QDiligence is accessed using just the web browser on any iPad, tablet, PC or Mac.

How long before our Assessments are online?

QDiligence works to your distribution deadlines, but we typically allow one week to move your original paper Board Assessments or Evaluations online.

How do we run reports?

Choose an assessment, click a button, and instantly download a tabulation for any Board Assessment or Evaluation. Tabulations include all questions, all answers including open-ended comments, and a variety of metrics.

Is QDiligence a self-service survey tool?

No. QDiligence is not a survey tool. We provide a full service solution that includes both people and custom-built technology. The QDiligence team works in concert with your administrators on every distribution to ensure that your D&O Questionnaires and/or Board Assessments progress smoothly from creation to assignment to preparation to distribution and reporting. The QDiligence team acts as your technical team which gives you complete control of the process and lets you maintain focus on the legal issues.

What about support?

QDiligence provides unlimited end-to-end support all year long for your D&O Questionnaires and/or Board Assessments. Your single point of contact within QDiligence will guide you through every distribution and answer all your questions. Call us. Email us. It’s your choice. We are here to help.

Can responses be pre-populated?

Yes. Any response you choose can be pre-populated. QDiligence can even automatically pre-populate responses if desired using information from the prior year. Most organizations do not pre-complete assessment or evaluations but some do.