Our only business is Digital D&O Questionnaires and Board Assessments

We do not operate a board portal. We are not a “survey monkey” company. We are not board consultants.

The team at QDiligence is laser focused on using our technology, our experience, and our people skills to help our customers successfully digitally distribute D&O Questionnaires and Board Assessments or Evaluations.

Purpose-Built D&O Questionnaire Technology

QDiligence technology was designed from the ground up with a single goal in mind:

Use technology to achieve a quantum leap in ease of use and convenience for Directors and Officers while also dramatically reducing the time required to prepare, distribute and analyze D&O Questionnaires, not as a single event, but on an ongoing, year in year out basis.

We could have started with “survey software” and gone from there but anyone who seriously evaluates survey tools for D&O Questionnaires quickly realizes that, first, D&O Questionnaires are not surveys and, second, that spending your time building complex questionnaires using technology that forces you to compromise does not achieve positive results. A purpose-built solution is the best way.

Not Self-Service – By Design

Of course your QDiligence Administrators have a wide variety of functionality they can use without our assistance within our D& O Questionnaire platform but QDiligence is not a self-service solution.

QDiligence actively participates in every one of your distributions. We handle all of the technology which lets you handle all of the governance. The advantage of having a dedicated questionnaire team is that you always have an experienced technology team at the ready who are experts at working with your team in addition to being experts at digital D&O Questionnaires and Board Assessments or Evaluations. When you contact QDiligence, your single point of contact already knows you and all about your past distributions. We’re always up to speed on your projects which makes every distribution more efficient and convenient for you.

Ultimately General Counsel/Corporate Secretaries/Governance Professionals have more productive things to do with their time than spend hours clicking through software to create digital questionnaires and then doing it all over again the next year and the next.

We Know Legal Departments From The Inside

Over seventeen years our technology team created over 100 web applications for the law department of a global technology company. Many of the cutting edge solutions we created were forerunners of legal industry solutions commonly in use today including Matter Management, Legal Holds, Contract  Management, and Entity Management.  Our experience “on the inside” informed us how law departments work, what legal professionals expect, and what purchasers of legal technology really want.

Our experience and ground-breaking technology give us a very unique perspective and ability to understand customers’ needs which is why QDiligence is so effective.

World-Class Data Security

Our commitment to keeping data security is unmatched in the corporate governance technology industry. QDiligence was the first D&O Questionnaire / Board Assessment solution company to achieve ISO27001 certification and also the first corporate governance solution company to achieve US-EU and US-Swiss Privacy Shield certifications. QDiligence also undergoes SOC 2 Type II reviews annually. Your IT security team will require a review of QDiligence data security controls and processes and we’re confident they will approve.