The QDiligence Service.
Questionnaires. Managed.

The QDiligence Managed Questionnaire Service

The Managed Questionnaire Service means the QDiligence team handles all of the technical details while you focus on the compliance details. The Result? You maintain full control over the process, you, your directors and your officers all save time, and your digital solution is fully customized to your needs.

  • You provide the content.

  • We build the questionnaires online.

  • Your respondents respond.

QDiligence Managed Questionnaires

After eleven years, we’ve absolutely migrated questionnaires, assessments and Board-related forms just like yours.

Directors and Officers Questionnaires

  • D&O Questionnaires

    Your fully customized D&O Questionnaires online!

  • New Director Questionnaires

    D&O Questionnaires for new directors or new director candidates also known as Off-Cycle Questionnaires.

  • Affiliated Parties Questionnaires

    Many companies now request affiliated party information each quarter.

Board Assessments and Evaluations

  • Board Assessments

    Your custom Board assessments include automatically tabulated and calculated metric reports which are just two clicks away!

  • Audit Committee Assessments

    Compensation Committee Assessments

    Governance Committee Assessments

    Fully customized including the ability to enter free-form responses or comments. All committee assessments are included with a single subscription.

  • Peer-to-Peer Evaluations

    Director Self-Evaluations

    QDiligence fully supports peer-to-peer evaluations in multiple custom configurations. – single page, multiple pages or multiple individual assessments.

Board-Related Forms and Questionnaires

  • Conflict of Interest Questionnaires

    Code of Conduct Certifications

    Deferred Compensation Election Forms

    Director Independence Questionnaires

  • QDiligence handles a wide variety of fully customized Board-related forms and questionnaires.