First D&O Questionnaire Platform.

QDiligence built the first D&O Questionnaire technology platform in the world and is the only company focused exclusively on digitizing D&O Questionnaires, Board Assessments and board-related questionnaires. Our focus and experience makes QDiligence the gold standard for digital D&O Questionnaires.
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Years In Use
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Looks Like A D&O

  • Personalized & Prepopulated

    Precomplete and/or personalize Biographies, Related Parties, Compensation and more!

  • Complex Tables & Links

    Full support for complex tables, personalized links to files and websites as needed in questionnaires.

  • PDF Printing

    Full fidelity PDF downloads for questionnaire printing.

Easy To Use

  • Any device. Any time.

    iPad, PC, Mac, Android. The choice is yours.

  • Complete Flexibility

    Response can be completed in any order at any time. Start today, finish next time. We’ll take you right to where you left off!

  • Easy Navigation

    Simple and easy-to-follow navigation. No training required.

  • Auto Save

    Stepped away for a bit? No worries! QDiligence saves your responses and logs you out automatically for security!

Saves Time

  • Faster Questionnaire Prep

    Self-configuring questionnaires, instant global updates, and automatic pre-completion mean questionnaire prep takes less time than ever before!

  • Instant Distribution. Instant Updates.

    Questionnaires are available instantly, updates are globally applied instantly and Administrators have instant access to all questionnaires all the time (as permissions allow).

  • Reports You'll Actually Use

    Print to PDF? Check! Two clicks to export responses to Excel? Check! Responses automatically redlined? Check. Need a custom data export? We’ll do it for you!

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